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Excell Sprayer ES007

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Backpack sprayer with constant and adjustable pressure operating on a rechargeable battery.

ES007 is designed for the application of a range of approved products (nutrients, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and biocides – disinfectants) intended for use with backpack sprayers.

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ES007 is an 18 litre backpack sprayer which is robust, reliable and very user friendly.

The electric motor guarantees a very reliable output at constant pressure with minimal maintenance – other than routine cleaning and recharging of the battery.

The battery power gives a more consistent and accurate pressure output than most manual sprayers not only giving a better application, but it also reduced spray inaccuracies and waste. Pressure variations alone can lead to inaccuracies of 20% or more.

Its lightweight durable case increases operator comfort and the Li-Ion battery pack allows you to spray for hours.

The ergonomic design makes for a comfortable, accurate and no mess application on the outside, whilst on the inside the internal filter and shape make it very easy to wash out.