Easy to use, reliable pressure output, no manual pumping required, long life re-chargeable battery.
The new standard in backpack sprayer technology.

Our motivation is to provide top quality sprayers at the best value for money.

ES007, our first sprayer, is an 18 litre backpack model which is robust, reliable and very user friendly.

The electric motor guarantees a very reliable output at constant pressure with minimal maintenance – other than routine cleaning and recharging of the battery.

The battery power gives a more consistent and accurate pressure output than most manual sprayers giving a better application with less spray inaccuracies and waste.  Pressure variations alone can lead to inaccuracies of 20% or more.

Its lightweight durable case increases operator comfort and the Li-Ion battery pack allows you to spray for hours.

The ergonomic design makes for a comfortable, accurate and no mess application on the outside, whilst on the inside the internal filter and shape make it very easy to wash out.


An up-close-and-personal look at Excell Sprayers finest features.

No Drip Nozzles

Changeable nozzles with pressure control and high quality Viton® seals which are highly resistant to chemical damage, oxidation, UV exposure, fungus, weather, ozone and mould.

Powerful Battery Life

Excell Sprayers come with a 12.5V Li-Ion maintenance free rechargeable battery giving you 5 hours battery life per charge.

Comfortable Straps

Padded backpack with wide adjustable straps which evenly distributes weight for comfort over extended use.

No Manual Pump

Battery powered sprayer with reflux pump removes the hassle and fatigue of pumping liquid.

Large Tank

18 litre tank to spray large amounts of solution between refills..

Multi Nozzles

A selection of nozzles are included for a variety of applications – hollow cone, flat fan and deflector nozzles.